Sleep Apnea Orthodontics

Sleep apnea has gained a considerable amount of attention in recent years, but what still remains under the radar is connection shared between orthodontics and healthy sleep. That’s right– the problems associated with sleep apnea can actually be curbed entirely with proper orthodontic care.

The Link Between Sleep Apnea and Dental Irregularities
For the unfamiliar, orthodontics is the treatment of dental irregularities, particularly when it comes to tooth alignment and jaw structure. Because sleep apnea (a sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing or an irregular breathing pattern during sleep) is often caused by obstructed airways, a good orthodontist can recognize dental irregularities that cause these obstructions and correct them. These obstructions can be anything from too narrow of a jaw to collapsed soft tissues in and around the throat.

Why Treat Sleep Apnea?
It is incredibly important (more so than most people realize) to diagnose sleep apnea and correct it as soon as possible. Often coming with symptoms like snoring and insomnia, many people dismiss sleep apnea as just a normal albeit annoying sleeping pattern. Unfortunately, having sleep apnea greatly increases your risk of a variety of illnesses, especially heart disease. And if that’s not motivation enough, do you really want to spend the rest of your life being tired throughout the day?

Orthodontic Treatment of Sleep Apnea
There are a variety of treatment methods that can be done to improve sleep patterns and even take away the symptoms of sleep apnea entirely. Various orthodontic devices can be used, particularly during sleep to help widen the airways and keep breathing normal and uninterrupted. While orthodontic surgery is usually a last resort method reserved only for rather severe cases, it is still usually a safe procedure that grants the patient a lifetime of better sleep.

Affording Sleep Apnea Orthodontic Care
Now, one reason many people may be hesitant to actively seek treatment for sleep apnea is because of the perceived costs. In reality, sleep apnea orthodontic treatments are becoming more common and therefore more affordable. Even so, we are happy to work with you to form a payment plan that works within your budget. After all, we care about our patients and want you to start sleeping well soon. Nobody should have to endure a lifetime of interrupted sleep.

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