Your smile is the first thing that others notice, so it can say a lot about you. Unfortunately, not everyone has that perfect smile. Thankfully, orthodontic care has continued to advance over the years, allowing your dream to have a beautiful smile to become a reality. Even with orthodontics making technological and scientific leaps, it could still take some time to achieve that sought-after smile. Now, with accelerated orthodontics, that perfect smile can be yours in as little as a few months!

Accelerated orthodontics is an emerging school of treatment that shortens the time needed to straighten teeth. Many factors affect tooth movement, including:

  • Environmental
  • Genetic
  • Type of treatment
  • Type of malocclusion

Some studies show that treatment with traditional braces may take anywhere from one to three years, while accelerated orthodontic treatment can reduce treatment time between three to eight months. With accelerated orthodontics, one of the different types of braces is applied to the teeth, and in some cases, in combination with a minor oral surgery. In addition to the quicker results, another major benefit to accelerated orthodontics is that various types of braces can be used:

  • Metal braces (the most basic and widely used);
  • Ceramic braces (similar to metal braces, but white in color for low visibility);
  • Invisalign (using transparent, incremental aligners); and
  • Lingual braces (braces placed between the teeth so they cannot be seen)

The newest and highly sought-after accelerated orthodontics includes the PROPEL System. With the PROPEL System, the goal is to keep the teeth and bones safe, while creating a small amount of trauma. With little doses of trauma, bone growth is said to be stimulated, the teeth are stronger, allowing the braces to do their job faster. Generally, the minor PROPEL System procedure looks like this:

  • An oral surgeon shaves the gums and bones into shapes that allow the teeth to slide more easily into the desire positions
  • An orthodontist applies braces

Accompanied by the oral surgery and active treatment, research indicates that the PROPEL System can cut treatment in braces in half.
Accelerated orthodontics offer many additional benefits to traditional methods of dentistry. Although children and teens also want a perfect smile in a small amount of time, adults especially benefit from accelerated orthodontics. Adults are seeking orthodontic care in large numbers, and with accelerated orthodontics they can have the perfect smile in less time, with less time worrying about the appearance of brackets on their teeth.

Remember, correcting dental problems can hugely benefit not just your oral health, but your overall health as well. Call or visit Scottsdale Orthodontic Care today! Our experienced and talented staff is ready to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Let us help you make your smile even more pleasantly memorable!

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