Do Teeth Need To Be Removed

A big concern of patients, parents and even dentists is the potential for permanent or primary (baby) tooth removal in conjunction with braces. Using Face First Orthodontics treatment planning and special care with braces or aligners for treatment, our practice has found the need for this procedure is very rare.

Except for an occasional baby tooth removal to allow other teeth to come into the mouth or severely positioned teeth, our we have found that our system of developing the face, tongue, and airway muscles properly has practically eliminated the traditional practice of permanent tooth removals. This has been confirmed by others and documented in the accompanying video on this page.

Many will agree that treatment using gentle pressure, proper breathing and tongue posture will help to “fit” previously crowded teeth into the mouth with little stress being shown in the patients face and profile and surrounding structures. In addition, scientific evidence has failed to conclude that removing teeth will help to keep corrected malocclusions stay straight.

Be sure to ask about all the steps we take, including bonded retainers, to achieve the goal of Great Smiles For Life.

Wisdom Tooth or Third Molar Removal
For generations, parents, patients and even other doctors have given in to the temptation to ‘blame” wisdom teeth for tooth crowding that appears during the late teen years or early twenties. Facts and science have failed to support this thought. Evidence suggests that failure to wear retainers, late growth or continued habits are much more important.

We suggest that wisdom teeth be removed on your schedule rather than theirs.

Dr. Grob has personal family experience to document this thought and will be glad to share it with you or others interested.

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