Face First Orthodontics

Face First Orthodontics (Dentofacial Orthopedics)
It’s no secret that having proper tooth and jaw alignment can save someone from a lifetime of certain dental and related problems. That’s why orthodontics is so important. However, a common side effect of undergoing orthodontic treatment has long been changes in the facial structure of patients. While these changes can often be beneficial rather than detrimental to the patient’s appearance, it is still important to take great care in making sure that the patient is ultimately happy with the outcome. By putting the face first and focusing on dentofacial aesthetics rather than just the dental aspect, orthodontists can ensure that their patients receive both the best care and a beautiful smile balanced with their facial features.

The Effect of Braces on Facial Structure
One of the orthodontic treatments that has the biggest effect on a patient’s face is none other than braces. Since the shape of a patient’s mouth, cheeks and lips depend heavily on jaw and tooth structure, altering the alignment of these can have a dramatic effect on the contour of the face. Fortunately, this effect often helps to naturally bring more balance and symmetry to the face if realignment is conducted properly. Even so, orthodontists must take great care to get the job done right and make sure the desired effect is achieved for both the mouth and the face. Following the points or “goals” below can help considerably.

Dentofacial Aesthetic Goals
Orthodontic treatment should focus on several things when it comes to attaining and maintaining an ideal dentofacial balance:

  • Ensure tooth and jaw alignment is complementary to facial symmetry and balance
  • Achieve proper tooth alignment that is functional (attain a proper bite) and comfortable for the patient
  • Establish a smile that is straight and helps to enhance facial features rather than contradict them
  • Keep the treatment as free of pain as possible as well as make sure that the end results are lasting and also free of pain for the patient
    The Bottom Line

Taking the dentofacial aesthetic approach is obviously the best route for the patient, but it is still helpful for patients to talk about their own goals and concerns with their orthodontist. Contact our office today to discuss your concerns and treatment options.

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